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The book Spirit of the Half Moon, celebrating and documenting the thousands of people who have visited her, sailed on her, and donated their time and treasure is now in galley proofs and coming soon!

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The Friends of the Half Moon are looking for YOUR support for printing and publication of a new book, The Spirit of the Half Moon. With your immediate help the manuscript, which is now in galley proofs, can be released in time for the gift-giving season of 2015.

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The replica ship Half Moon is the unsurpassed symbol of the deep connections between the Dutch and the American peoples. The book, richly illustrated with hundreds of photographs and other images, includes the stories of the three Half Moons, the 17th century original, the 1909 replica, and the current ship, now in its 25th year. The book celebrates and documents the thousands of people who have visited her, sailed on her, and donated their time and treasure.

Thematically organized in 23 chapters the exploits of the current Half Moon are the emphasis of the book such as the construction and launching at the Snow Dock in Albany, its early voyages from North Carolina to Michigan, the many Voyages of Discovery that followed and the epic events the ship encountered.

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Please send your donation to the Friends of the Half Moon, a foundation with 501(c)(3) charitable status.
All donations will go towards the cost of the production and distribution of the book, which will support the mission of the New Netherland Museum.

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